Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keeping up with Karin

My good friend Karin is cruising through the quilts this year. Her goal is to finish 20 in 2008 and she is already up to 17!!! I am afraid she is going to run out of fabric if she keeps up this pace.

I got to spend a lot of time doing quilty things this weekend. Friday, I took my truck (her name is Xena) in for maintenance. Xena is very happy and is running great (and she better 'cause it was ex--pen--sive). I took at little (ahem) detour on the way home (20 miles) to go to Sweet Home Quilt Co. for a little look-see. I was good and only bought about a yard of fabric, my stitchery BOM, and the new "Quilters' Travel Companion" (not that anyone can afford gas to go shop hopping but it's fun to look through).

Yesterday, I finished up the top for "Peace in the Valley" except for the borders.

(yes it is straight and not wavy, my quilt holder-uper person is new to holding quilts). The quilt is kinda growing on me; it's really not my colors but it's for a gift and I hope it's OK. I need to consult with the "sisters" at my next sewing group meeting for advice on borders. I have 2 options and am undecided.
The cats were a tremendous help yesterday. Here is Stella showing you why I always lock the blade on rotary cutters.
Here is Morpheus helping to lay out and rearrange blocks.
Here is the finished quilt (didn't Morph do a good job arranging blocks?)
This log cabin is a kit from 2005 (!!! wow aged reproduction fabric) that I ordered from Homestead Hearth. Don't remember why I ordered it... I love Homestead's website!! This would be one dangerous shop if I ever went there in person. I am anxiously waiting for this stitchery BOM to come in the mail (not that I need another project but it was Halloween and I couldn't resist).
So I'm off to do some chores (quickly) and find another project.


Karin said...

Not a snowball's chance in you know where will I soon run out of fabric. Finish a quilt top-get fabric for more....I just finished putting the border on Garden Trellis from our new favorite book. The fabric line is Portugual by April Cornell for Moda. Have not got a clue where this quilt will go to live! I think I need to forage in the sewing room to piece a back for it! Love Peace in the Valley. Bailey assisted me with the sewing today!

MelissaS said...

Whoo Hoo! Another person who names their vehicles! Maybe we should start a support group.