Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It started with having to buy water...

Unbeknown to most residents of my county (including me), the water treatment plant failed yesterday at 7PM. I found out at work (from a co-worker who got an email from a friend who got an email from a friend that worked for the CDC) after cooking, bathing, drinking, making coffee, giving the cats fresh water, etc. etc. that people in 19 zip codes (!!!!) were supposed to be boiling their water (and not using it for bathing, drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc). Thanks County for letting us know!!! Why is it that every marketer, surveyor, and person running for office can contact me by phone but the county can't get the word out that our water is possibly contaminated!!! Let me tell you, I have NO faith in our "homeland security" system at any governmental level.

Anyway, so I had to buy water on the way home. I don't like buying water because hey, I pay a water bill to get water from the tap. And I didn't want to stop by the store because I was starving and you should never go shopping when you are hungry let alone starving.

So I bought water
And I bought fruit including one of my favorites Rainier cherries from WA and my other favorite GA peaches and a pineapple on sale (is is just me or do pineapples make you think of Carmen Miranda?)
Things rapidly went downhill (or my grocery bill went uphill however you want to look at it) when I got to the wine section and they were having tastings. A very cute guy, who looked too young to be selling wine, was giving tastings and talking about being a 5th generation vintner and his family's winery and yada yada so I bought a bottle of a really great Sauvignon Blanc (on sale) and he asked if I wanted him to sign the bottle so I said sure
. so now I have a souvenir of having to buy water. And because I was starving and already bought a gazillion things, I picked up a lasagna to have for dinner. I was going to have fruit salad for dessert but then I realized I can't wash off the fruit!!!! So I'll just have to have these
for dessert instead of healthy fruit because you don't have to wash off brownies. And the only reason why I bought brownies is I had to stop to buy water.


Karin said...

I think it is a conspiracy! But the zip code thing was on tv yesterday morning-they did not mention Stone MT though. I can't go into Whole costs me wasy too much

Carol said...

Somehow living on the otherside of the Mountain has kept me from boiling water-- atleast i think so-- I have not checked.

Michelle said...

That is a funny story...thanks for the laugh. Good thing you don't shop for water at a quilt shop! :)