Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet the cats: Morpheus

Here's Morpheus (named for the Greek god of dreams and my favorite DC comic book

character--long before the name was used in "The Matrix"). Isn't he handsome??? Morph is 13 years old (a lucky number for a black cat). We "found" each other when he was a few months old and I was stranded at a gas station in the middle of nowhere (my car's alternator died) waiting for a friend to pick me up. Morph came running up to me looking pitiful and scraggly and soaking wet but very sweet so I took him home. He is my favorite cat and since that night we have been through a lot together and he is always there for me. He loves to "talk" and is a "velcro kitty" --you know always stuck on your lap when you sit down. Did I mention that he is the best cat in the world?

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Anonymous said...

HI NEICE!!! I know exactly how much 30 something old you are!
Love your blog, first time I have ever been on one. At work now, so will have to check it all out soon. Keep sewing
Aunt Jolene