Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Color is Humidity?

If you follow along with the quadrillion several block of the month's that I'm making this year, the theme I am using for the Country Threads BOM is colors or fabrics that remind me of the calendar month.

June is the beginning of Georgia's long summers of smog alerts and humidity.  Sometimes this starts in May and stretches all the way through October.  This year, we have had more moderate temperatures (less than 90 F) and lots and lots and lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms.  For the past several years, Georgia has been in a miserable drought.  This year is making up for all that.

So what color is humidity?  I couldn't come up with anything so send me your suggestions and I can use it next month or in August.

I did come up with this color combination for the small 6" block to represent the nearly daily thunderstorms we have had this year.  Stormy grays and black to represent the dark clouds rolling in.

For the 12" block, I used this weird mustardy brown color to represent the smoggy summers in Atlanta. And the pattered fabric in the pinwheels looks like suns.  This year, the rain has helped keep the air quality better than in other years. 

I still need to catch up on the Blogger Girls BOM.  In between the rainy days I have been busy busy busy with outside projects, while the temperatures are moderate--priming and painting my porch, reglazing windows, washing windows, refinishing an Adirondack chair, and all sorts of un-blogworthy chores.

As Google Reader keeps reminding me, Google Reader is going away at the end of this month (sob!).  After much research, I moved all the blogs I follow over to Feedly (I decided that bloglovin was not for me).  I found Feedly easy and useful and it works well on the laptop and on iVan the iPhone.  


Nancy said...

I am ridiculously pleased to know that I'm not the only one who names her electronics! I agree about Bloglovin. It just wasn't me. I switched to Feedly a couple of months ago and I really like it (and it works well on Ivy - my iPad :) ).

dianne said...

i dunno what color humidity is ... i CAN tell you what colors dry-as-the-desert are (mostly all the ugliest shades of brown/beige/black with a little bit of dried up spinach green thrown in) ... i was thinking "thunderstorms" when i saw your block - you hit it spot on!

a good yarn said...

Clever interpretations Gretchen. Humidity is dreadful so I'm interested in how you display that,

Sarah said...

So many ways I could interpret humidity. I hate it and don't know how people cope who live in places like you do. So humidity could be pink and red like my face in humid weather! Honestly I think of rain forest with humidity so it seems a deep dark green to me. Luckily I live in a mild area of Australia with a climate similar to Southern California, coz if I lived in the North of this country which is like weather in the South of yours I'd be a pink faced frizzy haired sweaty mess!

Cathi said...

I think of humidity as shimmery blue - as when it's very hot and humid here, the sky has that very sort of shimmery almost turquoise look to it and the air seems to almost be visible.