Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have no good title in mind for this post

I've gotten waylaid on both quilting and organizing this past week.
And because blog posts with no photos are no fun, I'm including some flowers from my yard.

Huge, ancient azaleas next to my house.  I would never pick out this hot-pinky salmon color but I love these 

S.'s parents visited from out-of-town for the weekend and we had great fun in spite of the 3 inches (!!!) or so of rain that we had in 2 days.  Instead of outdoor site-seeing, we went to two museum exhibits and dashed around with umbrellas and soggy shoes.

White azalea that I planted when I moved in
This week I came down with some sort of evil cold virus and was waylaid in bed all day Wednesday on my day off.  Lucky for me I had two looooooong movies to watch.

Gomez and I watched The Hobbit. Wish I had seen it on the big screen but Gomez wouldn't have been able to come to a movie theater and he enjoyed sleeping on my shoulder for 3 hours.

Then Stella and I watched Lincoln. I knew this was going to be a great movie and it was.  Stella slept curled up next to me for the nearly 3 hours of this movie.  She completely missed Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar-winning performance.  So that is all that is new here.  I'm finally starting to feel a little better so there is hope for some sewing this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Iris--newly planted last year and this year is the first blooms


Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my word Gretchen! Your flowers are beautiful!!! I especially love the last pic of the purple and white Iris...I was supposed to get a bag of bulbs for that very variety and my mother in law had the bag and asked her daughter to split it with me...ummm, well, I never saw them until I visited her yard one day and her remark to me was "you snooze, you lose". *sigh* Anyway,my sad story aside, LOL...your yard must be truly lovely. We don't have any flowers planted yet as the snow just melted off last week and now we are waiting for it to warm up. Besides, here in Norther Utah, we don't plant until after Memorial day because there is always a freeze late in May. So, enjoy your flowers and your furry kids, the sewing and organization can wait until you are ready. Big Hugs....

a good yarn said...

Hope you are feeling better. I really enjoyed Lincoln - great performances. Those azaleas are magnificent.