Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remy, Royal Mail, A Gift, and a Block

A very awwwww photo of Remy with some of his favorite toys just because he is so darn cute and don't you just love those little toes???!!?? 
I was so very lucky to win a fun blog giveaway from Katy at I am a Ginger Monkey and this wonderful little bundle of mod fab goodness was sent all the way from England via Royal Mail.  I LOVE getting mail, especially fun mail, and Royal Mail with a gold sticker well that is even more better. Katy has a really cool, fun blog and she also is one of the designers/writers for the Fat Quarterly e-zine.  I signed up for a subscription and have a quilt all planned for these fat quarters--an out-of-my-box bright and solids mod quilt for when winter doldrums hit. 

I was so touched when I received a package from a sweet blog reader in south Georgia who sent me the most lovely note of encouragement and these gorgeous Civil War fabrics.  Quilters are the most generous thoughtful people ever. A proper thank you is coming and here's a public thank you too!
And to answer the big question, did I get to sew today?  Yes I did! After sleeping in for eternity and then I had to hem four pairs of pants (hemming is not sewing! I hate hemming pants!!!) And then I got to sew this one block LOL!

Don't look to close because it's rather wonky with 50-11 set-in seams but here is another Civil War block of the week block. This was a difficult block but it's staying the way it is because I'm not revisiting it.

Well it's back to work for everyone in the U.S tomorrow. Lots of rain and colder weather is headed towards Atlanta, which means it is going to be really hard to get out of bed in the morning.


A Quilter Awakens said...

Yup, I am dreading tomorrow morning. Sunday needs to stay Sunday as long as possible. Love Remy! Too bad kitties don't do play dates. Kitten is getting tired of Joey; I think she hides from him. Karmen

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Remy is adorable. He reminds me of my mom's cat, Felix, when he was a kitten with those ears and feet. What a sweet little addition to your family. Love your goodies in the mail. Lucky, you!

Shakerwood said...

Weather is miserable right now. Thank you so much for sending it my way! You really could have kept it. But it does make for some nice sleeping in/sewing weather. Of course, I am doing neither at the time. Time to get off this time-sucker computer!

Becky said...

Awesome new fabric! Hope that you get lots more sewing time!