Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Thimbles Meeting

This month I decided to go to the Friday night Silver Thimbles club instead of my usual Saturday. S. needs to go to Marietta today and I said I would go with him provided that we go to Little Quilts (a fair deal I think) and we eat at one of my favorite BBQ places, Williamson Bros.  [With Atlanta traffic, even on the weekends, it's nice to have someone to sit in traffic with you.]    I am trying to be patient while S. stalls finishes grading papers.

Although I missed seeing some of the Saturday people (namely Karin, my-partner-in-crime for lots of quilty fun), I did get to see Karmen and Brenda and also Saturday regulars Kristie and Becky.

I did buy the kit for this month's project (although I didn't start it). This great quilt is from the fabulous book Scrap Basket Surprises and the fabric line is by Little Quilts called  "Whittier Hill"

We could choose different border fabric so I chose the darker purplish-brown paisley. Here's my fabrics.

Just to show you that it's nearly impossible to take photos around here without a cat or two wanting in on the action.... Here's Stella with Whittier Hill fabric.
Improve every photo by adding a little Stella

Although it was a small group, we had lots of show n' tell from Sarah (no blog).  Sarah is very productive and a fabulous quilter.   Here are four of her quilts (four!)


For the December meeting, we are to bring a "thing in a dish but don't stress yourself out" which roughly translates to:  a potluck dish.  [Our fearless leader Pat just finished writing her quilt book and mailing it out and then realizing the holidays are hererightnow. Go visit her blog and give her a little hello, happy to see you back from book-writing-craziness].

For January, we have the choice to do this quilt (or as always work on our own projects).  Although it is a very striking quilt, I think I'll pass and just enjoy the photo.  It's not like a have 900 gazillion projects to work on...
 Alright, time to light a fire under Mr. S. and tell him to hurry up.  There is fabric waiting you know!!


A Quilter Awakens said...

Beautiful post! Dang, I missed Sarah showing her quilts; thank you for sharing the photos with us. Karmen

sewprimitive karen said...

I was at Little Quilts and having lunch with a friend at Williamson Bros. today, too. First time for Williamson, probably the 5,000th time for LQ lol!

Karin said...

It was way too quiet today at Thimbles. I also got this month's project-as if I didn't have enough projects started!! But I will pass on January as well. I worked on part one of Bonnie's new mystery-I think I need 20 more segments. Also a new Schnibble and attaching some of those 848 squares for our swap quilt. Sarah and Emma for a sleep over-peace and quiet are over!

Brenda said...

Great to see you last night. Loved the project you were working on.

Micki said...

I lvoe the quilt you are woking on!

dianne said...

does it seem to you that no-bloggers get more done than those of us who DO blog?

it's not like i blog all that often, but i do like having a built-in excuse for my lack of finishes - ha ha ha!

Cathi said...

Photos are definitely improved with a little Stella!!