Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's Questions

Question 1:  How did I not post this weekend?  Beats me. I was all over blogland but didn't stop by my own blog.  I had a very productive weekend though. 

Went on a walk to enjoy the little bit of local autumnal-ness after a too hot and dry summer

Worked on my Groovy Girls homework (need to get a photo though oops!)  Yes that Bad Melisa gives us homework and bribes us with punches in our Groovy Girls punch card (she is so clever!)

Made two Seuss-ful pillowcases

 And finished up Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights mystery from July 2009. Just in time for her next mystery coming up all too soon. 
I am proud to say that I made this all from stash. 

Also did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, yada yada yada boring stuff....

Question 2:  What was the most overheard saying at my house this weekend?
Edgar! Edgar! Edgar! Edgar! Edgar!

Question 3:  Who was a bad puddy cat and got into all kinds of trouble all weekend? 

See question 2. 

PS:  I know he looks sorry but he's really planning his next mischief.
PPS:  We just love those bad ol' puddy cats.


Karin said...

Edgar-contact me for some new ideas. I have lots!
Wild Willie

Carol said...

What a great weekend!

Michelle said...

poor kitty gets blamed for everything...LOL

sewprimitive karen said...

He doesn't look too sorry to me. Your finish is wonderful!

Gari said...

I am always impressed with people who can finish a Bonnie Hunter quilt. Way to go!

Becky said...

Your Christmas Lights top looks grand. So glad that we did that project. Need to add borders to my top:)

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your pillowcases! Are you doing the new mystery?