Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Friday

How perfectly Halloween-y a full moon tonight!  Even more Halloween-y was last night's visit to the oak tree outside of my bedroom window. I had just dozed off and S. woke me up saying "listen... an owl."  And sure enough, we heard "hooo hooo hoo hooo" about a dozen times.  Not having an iPhone with a bird app (whoooo wants an iPhone? me!), I looked up owls and figured out we were visited by a barred owl. 
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Living in town, it's rare to have owls visit.  One year at dusk, I did see two Eastern screech owls in the oak tree, which was amazingly cool.

I didn't see this owl but am overjoyed that we were honored with his/her vocal visit. I love owls!

Well I am taking a vacation day today and am off to sew. Don't forget to go to this post and enter my b-day giveaway before noon tomorrow (owls not included).


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I love owls, too. We get saw-whet owls here and their call is very distinctive. They are small owls and hard to spot. But wonderful.

coranken: an appleasauce maker (accent on first syllable)

Gari said...

I LOVE owls. I collect glass owls (hollow like pitchers, vases, jars, etc.) and really neat owls. And I insist on at least one owl calendar every year. AND, I have an iphone that is being delivered to my house for me in about 2 weeks. We are being transfered to AT&T and when we learned this info I insisted that I go from my terrible Blackberry to an iphone. I am so excited.

Stitched With Prayer said...

OH..when we were in Arizona last April for a week, an owl settled in the pine tree outside our window and it was so delightful listening to him/her. It lulled me to sleep. The next morning when we asked one of the other guests if they had heard the owl, their reply was a disgruntled "YES...all night long". I had to laugh because though they were guests at the ranch this year, they are taking over as managers for the next 10 years beginning this month. I told him he had better get used to them. I love birds anyway and I really enjoyed my very first experience of hearing an owl so much!

*karendianne. said...

Now that's totally magical. Love owls. :)

Cathi said...

I love owls too -- but we very very rarely ever see one in the city.