Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Isn't St. Patrick's Day fun--everyone gets to pretend they are Irish for a day. Did you wear green? I wore a lime green shirt. Almost every year, I make a big pot of corned beef and cabbage for dinner. This year, I made it on Sunday (because it takes so long to cook) and have been eating leftovers since then.
(I left out the corned beef 'cause who wants to see raw meat on a blog). I also bought some Irish soda bread from Whole Foods. It is super yummy!! I think I could live on really good bread (and dessert!) Hope everyone is having a fun St. Patrick's day and you find a pot o' fabric at the end of a rainbow (today is the first day since Friday that it hasn't rained so no rainbows for us in the ATL).


Catherine said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

That Irish Soda Bread looks too good! I think we may just have to take a wander up to Whole Foods and see if they have it at the store here. Like you, I love good bread! Really good bread and a fresh salad sounds like heaven!

sewprimitive karen said...

yum yum yum it looks so good. I could live on bread too, wait, that's what I do lol.

Karin said...

I've been eating cornbeef and cabbage since Sunday and am about cornbeefed out by now but it was sooo good! Next year I will need to remember to go to Whole Foods for the soda bread!

Becky said...

I wore my green, too. It's truly a case of being Irish for the day. There is absolutely no Irish blood in this French/Spanish/Cajun body. The corned beef and Irish soda bread sound great. We usually have corned beef and cabbage, but since I'm the cook of the moment, we forgot :) We had mint ice cream instead.