Sunday, November 9, 2008

Transition Team

It took me until Friday (!) to recover from the excitement of Tuesday night and the election in general. Whew! I was exhausted and cannot imagine how President-elect Obama, the campaign staff and his family just keep going and working. An aside: I tried very hard to keep politics out of this blog (which was extremely difficult because I love politics like others love college football). I kinda fell off the wagon for a couple of posts but now that the election is over we are TRANSITIONING back to quilting, cats, etc. etc.

I can't remember the last time I actually sewed--sometime in October???? On Saturday, I set up sewing camp in the living room so I could catch up on Tivo'ed Marthas and sew at the same time (no TV in the sewing room).
Here is my set up with my travel sewing machine (for that long distance from the next room), coffee, remote, and project in process (E's flannel quilt--I better hurry, it's getting chilly here in GA).
Here is my "transition team" enjoying sunshine and camaraderie on a fabulous November day just perfect for quilting and napping.


Karin said...

Your transition team hard at work doing what they do best. The "cabinet members" that live here have been seeking out quilts to stay warm too-in fact Spooky felt the need to try out the quilt that I picked up from Peggy yesterday. Laurie will never know!!

Carol said...

You can't go wrong with all of that help.

Michelle said...

What a great picture! I love how two of them are cuddling up next to each other. My older cat (Whiskers) barely tolerates the younger one (Smokey). She is a bit of a grouch, but he is like an annoying little brother sometimes.

I love that flannel quilt you are working on...looks very cozy!