Sunday, November 16, 2008

Autumn has left the building

Somehow I missed most of autumn. I think I was busy working. The weather here in the ATL has definitely changed. Friday, we had an unusually foggy day the whole day and Saturday was blustery and chilly. Amanda in England would feel right at home. During Saturday, I think all the leaves on the trees fell at once and my yard is covered with a thick blanket of pecan, dogwood, and oak leaves. The nice thing about having a 90-year old house is the mature trees around it; one of the not-fun things about owning an old house is having mature trees that drop tons of leaves. I used to rake and rake and rake all fall and winter. I now take the easy way out and mow with the mulching lawnmower. Less exercise but quicker results and my yard has that natural I-don't-have-time-for-yardwork-let-alone-actual-grass look. Today's weather was chilly and windy and the people at the Weather Channel are predicting below freezing nights all this week. My mom reported that it is snowing in Michigan already. Goodbye autumn wish you would stay longer.

That's a lot of blathering about the weather isn't it? In other news, I sewed a lot this weekend but can't show photos because it is a gift. Dinner tonight is comfort food courtesy of Whole Foods--veggie pot pie and pound cake and a pot of tea. Time to eat and curl up in some quilts.

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laurie said...

Yum! that all sounds Delish! Enjoy!