Saturday, October 11, 2014

Of Aspens and Quilt Shows

The aspens are changing colors in the mountains, and cooler nights have arrived.

Mr. SBQ's parents were in town last week and we did all the tourist things--Georgia O'Keefe museum, history museum, art museum, Indian art museum, Taos, Acoma pueblo, shopping on the plaza, eating at great restaurants, looking at scenery, and strolling along Canyon Road.   It was a busy 5 days LOL!

Canyon Road sculpture gallery
Yesterday was my day off and we actually had a proper overcast-and-rainy day in Santa Fe.  I ventured out to the Quilt Fiesta quilt show held by the local quilt guild.  It was a small show with about a dozen vendors (which is great because I'm on a no-buy at least until my trip to Michigan later this month.) Here are a few of the quilts that caught my eye from the show. 

It was great to do something "quilty" for a change.

And now I'm all inspired to work on a new project or two :)

And of course, no post is complete without a cat photo.  Stella was snuggled on the couch among the quilts. Such is the life.


Mary Bolton said...

am relocating to a new state myself. thanks for the inspiring quilt photos. can't wait to unpack my sewing gear!

sunny said... look/sounds like a pretty good tour guide. Must put Santa Fe on my list. Beautiful photos!

Bridget said...

Love your photos, and wish I had been to the Quilt Fiesta, but maybe next time. Friend Sophie made the feather quilt. Her blog is Sophie Junction, if you'd like to see what she is working on.

sophie said...

That Bridget is such a good connector ... she sent email to me telling me to check out your blog and that you liked my Feather Bed quilt. I moved to Santa Fe a little over two years ago and still feel like a relative newcomer. It is as beautiful place to live.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you are enjoying the changing seasons in your new state!

Brenda Debord said...

Beautiful country. Would love to visit there someday.

dianne said...

it really IS a Small World! i thought that i recognized Sophie's feathers!

a belated happy birthday to you! give the kitties some hugs from me...