Monday, June 2, 2014

Viva Las Vegas, New Mexico

Between my parents visiting for 11 days and working a lot, I haven't had time to catch up on blog posts.  We all had a wonderful time with my parents and their dog Shiloh visiting.  They enjoyed their time in Santa Fe and we miss them already.

During their visit, my parents got to experience all of Santa Fe's Spring weather:  warm sunny, cool sunny, windy, breezy, really windy, light rain, hard rain, graupel, thunderstorms, and some dramatic cloudy skies.

We took them all over downtown Santa Fe and to our favorite local restaurants, including Whoo's Donuts, which is definitely in my top 15 favorite things about Santa Fe. Maybe in the top 10 because their Boston Cream donuts (top row) are to die for as is their Dulce de Leche (third row).

Now that we are all hungry, let's move on to some sightseeing reports------

One of the nearby towns I have wanted to visit is Las Vegas, NM, located about an hour from Santa Fe on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  So my parents and I took a day trip to do some sightseeing.  Las Vegas is a great historic downtown with shops, restaurants, museums, and a town plaza.

Las Vegas, NM train depot 

Historic fire station

Historic Kiva Theater

Las Vegas has an amazingly intact historic Fred Harvey hotel right next to the train depot.  It's called the Hotel Casteñada and is being rehabilitated for use as a hotel again.  I can't wait to see the completed project in a year or two.  This photo only shows half of the building, the building is U-shaped with another wing.

Many films and movies were filmed in Las Vegas
including one of my favorites--the Coen brothers movie "No Country for Old Men" at the Plaza Hotel.  

Currently, the TV series "Longmire" is being filmed again in Las Vegas and Santa Fe.  You may recognize this building as the county courthouse in the show, which takes place in Durant, WY (left half of building).  On the right half of the building is ThreadBear Quilt Shop.

Such a bonus to have a wonderful quilt shop in a wonderful historic downtown.  I love the large quilt block in the display windows and their beautiful intact storefront.  

I just loved this shop and hope to return again soon.  They have a good varied selection of fabrics, patterns, & notions; friendly staff; good prices; and a good selection of knitting supplies and yarn too.

Mom and I were lucky to find some older French General lines for projects we are working on.  Mom picked out some French General fabrics for a new project she is working on (a Bunny Hill snowman quilt). And I snagged some sought-after Rouenneries to make a new purse.

More sightseeing on the next post but I'll end this one with a photo of Shiloh.


Cathi said...

You live in a fabulously intriguing place! No Country for Old Men and Longmire are huge favourites of ours, so it's fabulous to see where they're actually shot!

Brenda DeBord said...

Just started watching Longmire, love it. Thanks for sharing all of the photos.

ytsmom said...

Interesting about the filming of Longmire. I've always wondered where it was filmed. Would love to visit Las Vegas, and Threadbare.

Renee said...

Just by coincidence we are vacationing at the La Posada, a beautifully restored Fred Harvey hotel in Winslow AZ. It is a phenomenal hotel that's been brought back to life and is just across from the train tracks. The Turquoise Room Restaurant is unbelievable too! The owners Allen Affeldt and Tina Mion have recently purchased the Hotel Castenada. We are in for a real treat once it's complete!

a good yarn said...

Those donuts look so delicious! A terrific photo travelogue. Thanks for sharing.

Sinta Renee said...

I enjoyed the tour! Thank you!

Sinta Renee said...

I enjoyed the tour! Thank you!