Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowmaggedon 2014

It's another BIG WINTER EVENT in metro-Atlanta.  I know everyone in the rest of the country (and Canada) is sick and tired of hearing about winter weather, snow, sub-zero temps, too-cold-for-polar-bears wind chills, and every other sort of winteriness possible.  Metro-Atlanta is once again in the throes of winter superlatives that haven't been used since the Great Snow-pocalypse of 2011.

You will have to forgive my excitement at the novelty of 2 inches of snow at my house.  We have had very cold weather (for Atlanta) but no snow until now.  Luckily, I am off work today and tomorrow.  I spent the day finishing up cleaning out the attic and packing the decorative items left out to show the house.  And checking the snow every five minutes so often.
view from my front street-level steps 

View from my porch

Now that it's evening, the snow is still falling, the grass is covered, and the roads are freezing over. It's going to be a bone-chilling (for Atlanta) 17 I am snug in my little house with the tea kettle on and (shhhh don't tell) the sewing machine set up for a wee bit of fun.

The latest request to Mr. SBQ for cat photos brought this one, which he titled:  STAMPEDE!
Must be dinner time.  


Gari in AL said...

Your yard looks like ours. When we took the dogs out our latest DID NOT LIKE the ice/snow. He tried to go back to the house every time we started anywhere in the yard. Really funny. We are hunkered down and won't be leaving the house until all that white stuff is GONE.

Rebecca Stevens said...

Atlanta has certainly hit our local newspaper here (near) Staunton, VA. At least the online version-lots of stories. Stay warm. I am finding that difficult to do. Sure enjoy your blog, home, quilts, and, I admit, especially the kitties. Can't imagine being away from them as long as you have. Stay warm and safe.

Monica said...

Living here in Florida now, I am seriously missing the cold weather that goes along with winter. My first warm Christmas was particularly weird. To go outside and see trees with all their leaves and palm trees everywhere was very strange...and not very Christmasy.

I can't wait to move back to Texas in four years!

dianne said...

that's almost as much snow as we had on the ground yesterday - but ours should soon be gone (in time for tomorrow night's new dumping) because the wind is eating it all up!!!

i am all about hunkering down to stitch - come on friday!!!

Michelle said...

Wow...that is a snow event for Atlanta! My kitties look like that when it's breakfast, snack time, lunch, snack time, dinner...LOL.

Brenda DeBord said...

Snow Day, love the snow.