Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Blocks

Some sewing but no finishes yet for this month.  I had a wonderful day visiting with my IRL friend and sewing buddy Karin at Life in the Slow Lane.  It was supposed to be a sewing playdate but we spent the whole time chatting and catching up since I haven't seen her in a couple of months.  Although no actual sewing was done, we did talk about:

  1. projects we need to finish
  2. projects we will probably start instead of finishing (#1) above 
  3. speciality rulers that we bought but haven't used
  4. the likelihood of beginning projects involving said (#3) rulers
  5. the status of buying new fabric vs. using stash
  6. new fabric lines that we would like to buy but really don't need to and will not buy even though we really want some
  7. whether above #6 ever works in real life
  8. the status on a scale of 1-10 of piles of fabric/projects/general chaos in our respective sewing rooms
  9. the likelihood that we would do any or all of the above (#1-4) before organizing said sewing room
  10. our cats

Thank you again Karin for a wonderful day and lunch too! Next time we really will work on hexagon projects already started (not new projects) and use fabric from our stash (not the new Minick and Simpson we kept talking about).

The first week in April brings new Block of the Month blocks:

Blogger Girl's BOM block #4, version 1

and version 2

Country Threads BOM (I'm doing a calendar month theme and trying to use up a bag of Jo Morton fabric.)

For this month's churn dash blocks, April reminds me of Easter (even though this year Easter was in March) and bright green leaves and newly opened flowers.

 6" block has purple and cream (similar to the irises blooming in my front yard now)

and fabric for the 12" version reminds me of the Eastern Redbud trees that bloom this time of year.


Thelma said...

Great job on those Blogger Girl BOM blocks! These were my favorite blocks so far!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Love your Blogger Girl Blocks!!! Also, love your list, cracked me up and when I read it to my hubby he also laughed out loud and said, "Truth in quilting...hooray"...hugs...

Sue said...

Oh you crack me up! Somehow I think if I were anywhere near you and Karin's conversation, I would have fit right in!! Haha

I love the fabrics in your Blogger Girl blocks. Very nice. I've yet to make mine, but they're on the agenda. I don't want to get behind in them.

Carol said...

Love your blocks...the Country Threads blocks are so much FUN!

Brenda said...

Love your blocks, I still haven't done the Country Threads one for this month. Maybe next week.

a good yarn said...

A very productive session indeed. All big questions/topics that needed deliberation and thorough consideration. Your blocks are terrific!