Monday, May 14, 2012


Remy and Edgar Poe
Did everyone have a good Mother's Day?   The cats were on their best behavior yesterday and enjoyed another day in bed.  The cats loved the peace and quiet, all piled on the bed napping.

S. brought me ice cream and good (soft) food to eat. And many cups of tea.  He's a good nurse for someone who is not a very good patient.

I Skyped with the family in Michigan and explained to Mackenzie how I had an "ow-ie" And then we talked about how everyone has teeth--Aunt Gretchen, Grandma, Shiloh doggie, Remy kitty, Mackenzie.  I love conversations with two-year olds; they are very factual.
Today, I am finally starting to feel better.  My last sick day off of day job and Starbucks so I better be right as rain tomorrow (or at least tolerable).

I finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  I am so happy I had a great, big, well written book to read as everything else made my teeth hurt.

Watching TV, eating, noise, talking, sitting, smiling, forget it.   I didn't even sleep that much.

It was a really great biography and a wonderful insight into a person who has revolutionized our modern life.  It made me love my Apple products more and really really really wish he had developed an iIron. Can you imagine an Apple iIron?  A quilter's dream!!  A perfectly designed, weighted, proportioned, temperature controlled iron.  Perfect steam. Perfect heat for different fabrics. Sigh.

I did venture out of bed to do laundry and iron S.'s shirts and decided that I was going to sew a little.  I finished two blocks of Doc and have the rest sorted.

The color placement is tricky in these blocks so I used my block design board that I made during retreat in February, which I had buried in the sewing room handy and ready to use.

Today was a fun mail day too.  For last month's Schnibbles parade, I won 2 charm packs of the new French General fabric from Sherri.  Thank you so much Sherri!!!  I can't wait to use these in a Schnibble later this year.

I also had a sweet note with some funny stickers from my dear friend Karmen.  Love you Karmen!!  You are the best!  Let's all be jealous of her going to Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City.  I can't wait for the report on all the great new fabrics and wonderful photos. (Karmen is a great photographer.)  Make sure you wear your boots for Sample Spree so you don't get your feet trampled.

Oh and look at how pitiful that is.  I am at 99 followers.  Anyone up for being #100?  I'll do a giveaway soon if someone will round up the number to three digits.  Just sayin'.


Monica said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. And just so ya know, I'd happily be #100 if I wasn't one of the 99 already.

Marge said...

Glad to be a follower Love your blog and am glad that the bad feelings are in the past and things are getting better for you. I think WISDOM is a misnomer, nothing smart about them.

Cathi said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.
I couldn't put that book down when I read it -- and you're so right; we need a Steve Jobs to design the perfect iron!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Gretchen, I'm so glad to read you are feeling better. Sounds like you had some good rest, though I do wish you had a few more days off so you would feel 100% when you head back to work. I'm so excited to see you hit 100 followers. I have been a follower for so long I've forgotten when I signed up, LOL. Well, you take care tomorrow at work and don't overdo. Gentle Hugs....

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Olá,que bom que se recuperou bem(na medida do possível),sou sua seguidora e estou vendo que você já alcançou o número 100.Parabéns!!!! !Um beijo e cuide-se.

Karin said...

Glad you are feeling better. Such good nurses you had. Love the new Schnibble. Hope to see you at Thimbles

sunny said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! And congrats on 100!!!!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Star Quilt Company said...

Hey Gretchen,
Mom has been doing a better job reading blogs than I have, so when she picked me up at the KC airport she said "someone" mentioned me on their blog. We came right into her computer and found your post. I am glad you like the stickers!

Sadly I did not bring my boots, but I have the ballet pink heels with me.

Did you see B. Brackman's "Going to KC" post? We stopped at Asiatica today. Blew my mind. I will tell you about it when I see you.

Love to all,

Andee said...

Your Doc block looks great!

Linda said...

Sounds like you are feeling better! Good. I am a total Apple/Steve Jobs groupie. So much so that for Christmas I received two copies of his biography!!! LOL!! I loved it. Very honest and not always a pretty picture of Steve. Fascinating. But that's what made it such a good read. iIron would be awesome!!! I'm thinking I could use an iLongarm too. LOL!!!

Ellen in Oregon said...

I just started following your blog a few weeks ago. I hope your return to work goes well and that you take good care of yourself on your off hours so you can fully recover. I am also owned by a few cats. Your pretty balck cat looks a lot like my Sasha who sadly had to be euthenized last week when cancer of the larynx was discovered too late. You need to love them while you have them with you and be greatful for their companionship when they are gone. I do hope there is a Cat Heaven filled w/ catnip, treats and plenty of mousies to pounce on. I think cats have an affinity for fabric and quilts because they know how to live the good life and have excellent taste (like all of us quilters). I admire the fact that you work 2 jobs and still find time to quilt, blog and live a life - you have my admiration Also, I suspect that you have many people, like me, who read your blog and then forget or don't think to subscribe. I need to remind myself that it's the only way you have to count your followers. Hope your 1st day back to work goes well. Ellen