Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!  King Bacchus this year in NOLA is none other than Will Ferrell.  How fun is that??!!!  I hope to visit NOLA for Mardi Gras someday.  Today, I'll just have to settle for wearing beads to Starbucks.

Image courtesy of The Times-Picayune on nola.com

Not much partying going on here in Stellabellaland. I have been working working working  these past two weeks (70 hours last week and 65 this week) as we are short-handed at Starbucks and I have my usual 40-hour week day-job (no President's Day off for us).  That means not much sewing and not much of anything.  Le sigh.

I did finally finish reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy (or Millennium trilogy). I may have been the third to last person on the planet to read this (two of my Twitter buds are the others lol!). I enjoyed it a lot and am anxious for the next two movies to be filmed.  My current book is Just My Type: a book about fonts by Simon Garfield. I think I qualify for an uber-geek award with this selection.  I admit I am a font noticer and prefer serif fonts to sans serif fonts (old fashioned in this regard).

In other miscellaneous news, Downton Abbey has ended for US audiences and now we have to wait for Season 3 along with everyone else.  I already miss the Dowager Countess.  I think I liked Season 1 better than Season 2.  Season 2 was a little overdramatic and soap-opera-y in my opinion.  The last episode (Christmas episode) was much better although ended a bit abruptly. I guess to set up for Season 3.  What are your thoughts Abbey fans?    

PS:  I got rid of the new, annoying, incomprehensible word verification so please comment away without having to decipher.

PPS:  If you do comment, please let me know what you think of my new plain-style blog layout.  Too boring? Too dreary? OK?  Need different colors?  Don't have an opinion?  I hope to add a colorful photo banner at the top with quilts/cats/something. S is supposed to work on one for me in exchange for doing his taxes for him.  Hint hint S!  Thanks!!!


Michele said...

I like your new layout. I'm thinking of changing up mine too. Pictures in the banner will look nice. That word verification thing is annoying, but I still have mine on. Will you let me know how it goes without it? Hope you get some time off soon.

Teresa said...

You are never boring anytime we get to hear from you is great.Teresa

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

1. Your new look is da bomb.
2. I miss DA as well and agree that Season 1 was better crafted than Season 2.
3. I forget what #2 is.
4. I'm furious with Blogger; since they started the obnoxious WV, I dropped the option for the sake of my readers/commenters. My spam has increased. Phooey!