Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Washington DC Trip: Georgetown

The conference hotel was right across the Potomac River from Georgetown, a nice walk across the Key Bridge. Georgetown is a wonderful place to walk around with great restaurants, boutique-y shops, the university campus, and fan-ta-bu-lous historic houses. S. and I walked around for most of an afternoon.
Georgetown University.

This stained-glass window was on the Georgetown veterinarian clinic. I thought the dog looked like Princess Shiloh. Princess Shiloh (my parents' malamute).

I love walking around looking at historic houses and picking out which ones I'd like to live in. Does anyone else do this?
I really dig towers and turrets. Perfect for libraries and sewing rooms.
A whole row of great houses. I like the gray with the bright red door.
Stop the sidewalk! Here is a perfect house! I bet Stella would love this house because of all the windows she could perch in. The whole third floor would make a great sewing studio. Hmmm I bet it costs more than a few pennies and a Metro card though so I didn't ask if it was for sale.


Brenda said...

Enjoy your time in DC. Been to any quilt shops?

Becky said...

Great photos! Yes, even driving through neighborhoods I play a game choosing the house I would like to live in. Last week, walking the beach in Destin, I choose my beach house. So glad you were able to travel with Steve. D.C. is a fabulous place.

Cathi said...

Fabulous photos -- I love houses with turrets too.