Sunday, January 3, 2010


Was it supposed to be this cold in Georgia? It was 19F this AM when I was out at dark-thirty to work at Starbucks!!!! It is only a whopping 27F now. Edgar Poe is sleeping in the sunlight, Morpheus is "helping" me type, Gomez has not moved from the heat vent, and Stella is prowling around looking for trouble or someplace warm, I'm not sure which.

I know we are all tired of the holidays but I know a few of you out there will enjoy these (belated) photos of the cats and their presents (and commentary):

Morpheus: "Hey she didn't even bother to wrap the presents this year"

Gomez: "How are we supposed to open this box?"
Edgar: "Hey let me see!!!"
Gomez: "I think this one is mine."
Stella: "Are you sure? I think the biggest present should be for the smallest cat"
Gomez: "Don't even think about it Stella!"
Stella: "Fine! I like this mitten better anyway and this mouse too"

After Stella and Gomez wore themselves out playing with the toys and fighting with each other only a little, Edgar and Morph did get to play too. They all had fun playing in the box and with the paper bags too. Thank you to Purrfect Play for making handmade, giant, organic, catnip-filled toys.

Has anyone made new year's resolutions? I decided to skip the resolutions this year--they are always the same anyway. Lose weight, eat healthy, blah blah blah. Quilters always want to use up their stash too. To start out, my sewing buddies and I are doing a reproduction fabric swap to make Bonnie Hunter's 16-patch and pinwheels quilt.

Here's my darks/mediums and the lights. Seventeen fat quarters of each! That's a lot of fabric! Did it look like I made a dent in my Civil War stash----No!


dianne said...

brrrr is right - i think it may even be warmer here ... NOT!!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, the cats are so adorable. I'm with you, I'm sick of New Year's Resolutions.

Karin said...

no resolutions for me-never been able to keep them-and as for stash-yeah right. I am ready for warm!

*karendianne. said...

Nothing but laughter here! I love Stella "I think the biggest present should be for the smallest cat!" I love that. I also dig these toys. I've gotta check 'em out. What a great post. Sorry I missed it at the time.