Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mystery Quilt: Christmas Lights Part 2

The weather was hot hot hot and humid this weekend. Yuck! Cathi from Ontario would LOVE it. I keep trying to send this weather her way but I think it gets tied up in customs. Cathi--please take this sunny and 94F weather!! Nothing to do but stay inside and sew.

I worked on Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery called "Christmas Lights." Mine is not going to be for Xmas and I changed up the colors/fabrics somewhat. Instead of doing scrappy darks in the four-patches, I did scrappy blues,
(I also ran out of green so added another one for these blocks)
and instead of one red for the other blocks, I scrapped those up too.

I didn't want to buy any fabrics for the quilt hence the scrappiness. The next clue isn't until the October issue of Quiltmaker magazine so I'm all caught up until then.

This weekend sure went by fast! I am dreading the ATL traffic-hell tomorrow with all the kids going back to school. It's so nice in the summer when there is only about half-a-hell worth of traffic out there.


Living on the Spit said...

love the blocks...they are so pretty.

I am feeling you on getting rid of the heat!

Karin said...

Love your not Christmas Lights. I know what you mean about the weekend and I too dread tomorrow and all the buses and parents who dirve their little darlings to school. I didn't find Jimmy Hoffa in the sewing room but I did manage to find the floor! It is a tad bit better in there now!

GARI said...

We are going to be coming through ATL tomorrow, night. We will be on our way to MD but I have planned the trip so we will be going through ATL during the quarter-hell night hours. LOL

Catherine said...

It finally arrived!! We're having your weather today and the rest of this week! :-)) I'm loving every second of it, even though it's so humid and hot one practically needs gills to breathe!
Your blocks are definitely giving off a Christmas feel!

Lisa said...

LOVE your blocks they are adorable!!

MARCIE said...

Oh this should be fun! Bonnie's mysteries are so interesting. And good for digging into the stash.

Gina said...

I love how it's looking so far

Love and hugs Gina xxx

A Quilter Awakens said...

Great scrappy choices!

Carol said...

Oh Gretchen I LOVE your blocks!!!!!!
The scrappiness is my favorite.

Susan said...

I really like your scrappy blues! It's not much cooler in TN.

I'm sooo glad that I don't have to drive in that early morning Atlanta traffic any more. I hated those blinking school buses! Sometimes they would give me a headache on my way to school. I think that is the best thing about being a retired school teacher!

Quilter Kathy said...

Beautiful blocks for your mystery quilt!
Makes me wish I had played along!

Becky said...

Your blocks look great!!!! I just got the magazine. Hope to work on this project soon. Thanks for showing your blocks!